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TOMCAT is comming!!!

[VFS] Shark a posted Mar 10, 19

This is such a big update (coming tomorrow, Thursday  27.2.2019 ) that I have to put it here. 

52nd Knights wishes a happy New year to everyone around the world!
Don't let the differences to stand on your way and cause the harm to you and other ppl. 
Make love, not war!!

With love, from 52nd <3 

Website info:
This is main website for 52nd gaming community that plays (simulates) DCS World,.
DCS World is an digital combat simulator that simulates aerodynamics, flight module and flighy computer + avionics systems.
In DCS World you can buy or use a free aircraft module to see and feel how is it to control an aircraft.

This virtual squadron, 52nd independent knights squadron, is based on multiplayer part of DCS World.
We are focusing on team-work, tactical and strategical approach to all kinds of "war simulated" scenarios and the fun out of it.
To be able to participate on our events, a future member must own original DCS World copy, module (we mostly fly F/A-18 hornet,
F-14B Tomcat, AV8B Harrier and A-10C Warthog, but all other jets and military planes are free to join us if they exist as a DCS module) that the member focuses on and pass the probation--> training for starters. See the rest on the Headquarters --> Rules and information.

See you in the skies, from the cockpit of my Hornet jet :D